Urban Vacation Photo Session in Central London

Urban Vacation Photo Session in Central London

Urban Vacation Photo Session in Central London

How do you mark the one year anniversary of you and your family living abroad? With an urban family photo shoot in Central London! I loved meeting and capturing Dong’s family. We danced on Westminster Bridge being goofy, giving hugs, and generally just enjoying ourselves. Oh, these two boys. Every minute of time spent with them is an adventure, a little look into the way they see the world. They were incredibly sweet, wild spirits and the way they fearlessly show their emotions and their true selves, even with a camera pointed at them. They left back home in NYC the week after our session, but now they have amazing memories from their time in London.

Even when shooting around the busy landmarks, I love to capture everyday moments of connection and the bond between parents and children; and also the unexpected small details that make this bond so special. Genuine moments are the best memories in every family’s album. Authenticity and love is all I want. Here are my favorite images from our morning together with Dong’s family around Westminster, Houses of Parliament and the amazing Tower Bridge.

When investing in a family trip, it’s nice to have memories with all the family members and people acknowledge that professional photography comes in handy for that purpose. Usually mum or dad are behind the camera and are “missing” from most photos, therefore it’s best to let the professional do their job whilst everybody enjoy the sightseeing and are having fun around the town. Children are dynamic and full of wonder, and it is a delight to capture great images of their natural reactions as they discover new sights with their parents. If this is the kind of relaxed baby and children portraits you would like for your own family then do get in touch, I do have a few openings left in November and December. 


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  1. by Eric on November 11, 2017  5:13 pm Reply

    The series with the phone box is absolutely fantastic! What time did you do that shoot? The bridge looks empty!

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