Urban Family Photoshoot in Shoreditch and Brick Lane

Urban Family Photoshoot in Shoreditch and Brick Lane

Urban Family Photoshoot in Shoreditch and Brick Lane

One of the things I always tell parents before our shoot is that it’s okay if the little ones are not looking at the camera or if they get tired. Toddlers are not supposed to be perfect models, I am more interested in their love of exploring and having fun with mum and dad. And if that makes them tired and they need a bit of down time, that’s fine too.

Take little H here, all he wanted to do during our family shoot is explore and then have some cuddles from his daddy. All these moments are part of the real family life and are worth capturing. Honesty is more important than perfection. No parent has ever looked at a cheesy smile and said ”what a precious moment”. Kids do not need to pose or smile on command, they are PERFECT just they way they are. And I love showing that, trust me, these memories are priceless!

Brick Lane and Shoreditch proved to be the best location for this family shoot for two reasons – first of all, Shoreditch has a special meaning for H’s parents. This is where they lived for many years before moving to the suburbs, so it has a very special and romantic meaning to them. Second of all, I love the texture and color of Shoreditch streets. The sun filled Brick Lane on an early weekend morning is just magical – the Huguenot architecture, the cobblestone pavement and the graffiti walls – all make the perfect backdrop for an urban family photo shoot. You don’t need an imposing landmark to capture the beauty and essence of London.

Summer is here, friends, the days are long and the sunshine is perfect for portrait shoots. If would like a similar photo session with your family, then get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!

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