Before our shoot, Otalia contacted us by telephone to discuss what we hoped to achieve from our photoshoot. She clearly understood the style of image we wanted and was willing to look through a Pinterest board I had created for inspiration. Otalia gave us advice on what sort of colours to wear to the shoot, suggested props to take along on the day (champagne!), and even agreed to change the time of day of our photoshoot from morning to late afternoon to best acheive the style of image we wanted (soft, romantic, autumnal – quite a challenge to achieve in August on one of the hottest days of the year…). Otalia was kind, warm and open-minded towards us. Her gentle professionalism and knowledge of the area we were in (Greenwich) made me and my camera-shy wife feel completely at ease. After the first few photos were taken, it felt like Kate and I were hanging out with a friend, rather than on a photoshoot with someone we had just met.
We are in love with our photographs. The golden hour light she so skilfully played with gives our photos the look of magic and romance we were hoping for.
You are an artist, Otalia. Thank you for capturing the real ‘us’ in our beautiful city.