Rainy couple photo shoot in Central London

Rainy couple photo shoot in Central London

London is a beautiful city to live in and to visit and it is somewhat remarkable how many couples want to capture their love stories here. After all, London, with its amazing architecture and romantic vibe, is the perfect backdrop for couple portraits. To prove it, I am sharing today Shauna and Josh’s photo shoot around Big Ben and Tower Bridge. This sweet, kind and loving couple was visiting London earlier this month and I am so happy they chose me to document their holiday adventures. I have a soft spot for married couples, it’s wonderful to see that love only grows deeper with years…

Rain couldn’t stop these two from dancing and cuddling, I loved every minute of our morning together. I think it’s pretty clear Shauna and Josh are crazy about each other, just like I am about these fabulous photos below from our rainy couple photo shoot in Central London. London is full of natural beauty, and when you add in two gorgeous people in love, it truly blossoms.

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  1. by Shauna on March 23, 2017  2:37 pm Reply

    Thank you again! I love them so much and am so happy to have these to remember our time in London! You are wonderful!

  2. by Otalia on April 21, 2017  8:31 pm Reply

    Thank you, Shauna, that is so sweet of you! You and Josh are a wonderful couple, I am so in love with these photos as well. Greetings from London!

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