Photography Tip#1. What to wear for an outdoor portrait photography session

Rain, temperatures no higher than 5 degrees, not much sun… This spring is certainly not the most beautiful we’ve ever seen… But yesterday we did have about a half a day of sunny weather and we took advantage of it.

We went to Greenwich Park for a Portrait photography session. Now, if you’ve ever wondered what to wear to take perfect portraits in the park, we have some advice below:

– Wear a plain color. Plain colors will contrast with the park’s green grass and trees: we suggest pink, red, blue, yellow and purple as some examples.

Family Portrait Photography Regent's Park

What to wear for an outdoor portrait photography session - Family Portrait Photography Regent's Park

– Don’t wear clothes with busy patterns. Too many lines can distract attention from what’s important – THE EYES. A couple of lines or dots never hurt anybody, but a full pattern can be a little too much information for the person looking at the final photo.

Newborn Photography London (1 of 1)

Family Portrait Photography Hampstead Heath

Don’t forget this photography rule – Use trees and other details as foreground. A nice foreground can give a good sense of depth to a photo. A camera captures in 2D what we see in 3D, so in order to give it a helping hand and create better results, ask the subject of the photo – your child or partner, for example – to get closer to a tree so that the branches serve as foreground. Then, don’t forget to fix the focus on the eyes. This way, the foreground will shift out of focus and you will get amazing portraits.

Family Portrait Photographer London (18 of 23)

Family Portrait Photographer London Westminster

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