London Family Photography with Pets in Regent’s Park

London Family Photography with Pets in Regent's Park

London Family Photography with Pets in Regent's Park

I am lucky to be working in a city like London. what other metropolis has so many great parks? And if we wake up early enough, the whole park is our playground.

This Marylebone Family Photo Shoot sums up perfectly summertime and life with a baby and an older kid – you have your energetic older brother, a cute smiley baby and lots of sun drenched kisses. Natalia’s family shoot is seriously one of my favourite sessions from this year. I love the light and I love their cute friendly pets. And most of all, I love, love, LOVE (did I say LOVE?!) the interaction and adoration they have for each other! And I have to admit, their pets are the most fantastic ones I’ve ever worked with. We have the old goofy labrador, the alpha male cat and the lettuce loving giant African snail. Needless to say, we had tones of fun! I think this session shows that as long as you come ready to have a good time, you will walk away with images that you will love and treasure for many years to come.

These family portraits are the kind of photos I wish I had with my parents. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my memories and stories, but I wish I had more photos of me playing with my parents in our cherry orchard, watching together our favourite TV shows about wildlife, baking a cake with mum or playing with our family dog. That’s why I love photographing family life in a way that is meaningful and real.

Longer days are upon us and I am so excited about meeting new families this summer. Seriously, sometimes I have to pinch myself that this is my job, I get to meet families from all over the world that live or visit London. If you are interested in organising a family session with your loves ones, do get in touch, it would be lovely to meet you.

Here are my favorites from my recent London Family Photography with Pets in Regent’s Park, Marylebone.



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