Gift registry options

In case you would like to offer a gift card to your family or friends, we offer three options:
  • Standard Gift Card – Value £100
  • Premium Gift Card – Value £200
  • Deluxe Gift Card – Full Session Value £749

Details for UK payments:

Bank: HSBC UK, Canary Wharf, London
Name: Sweet London Photography Ltd
Account sort code: 40-02-44
Account number: 52843552
Please make sure to add a reference to your bank payment; e.g.: if the gift is for your friend <Anna>, thank you for adding the reference <Anna> to your payment.

Details for international payments:

International payments can be made via paypal (with a debit/credit card), however please note there will be a 4% surcharge; e.g.: for a standard gift card of £100 value, paypal will charge you £104; for a premium gift card of £200 value, paypal will charge £208 etc.

Gift Card Options