FAQ – The Experience

Everlasting beautiful memories

Children grow up too fast! Their beauty, humour and personality constantly amaze us and parents strive to preserve that in a timeless way with family portraits. A family photo session allows parents to spend quality time with their babies and children, and then have everlasting beautiful “printed memories” of those natural and authentic moments that slip by all too quickly. That’s why I am so happy to be having such wonderful clients, that understand the important role the emotion plays in family photography and spend the morning engaging in fun activities and making the children happy so I could capture those memories for them.

My style

My style is natural and candid, I try at every photo session to capture the essence of the family I am working with. If I can even show just a glimpse of the love and connection between family members I am happy. You will hear me say a lot “get closer together”, “touch your heads”, “hold hands”, “give a big hug” and so on. I am all about capturing the family dynamics and the love. If you are looking for the perfect mantelpiece photo or only for pictures where everyone is looking at the camera, then perhaps my style is not best suited for you. During a family portrait session we snuggle, we play, we move, we simply take in the beautiful environment.

There will be no need to look at the camera or pose non-stop, my family sessions are all about genuine emotions and beautiful images that you can’t wait to hang on your walls.  If lifestyle and real moments are your jam, then I am your best friend! Your love for your children is my magic ingredient for beautiful family photos. Engage with them, hug them, cuddle them, play with them and my camera will be the witness capturing this timeless magic. Your magic!


I am a London based photographer, but I am happy to travel to other destinations throughout the UK and Europe. Most of my baby and children shoots are organized in local or Royal Parks in London. Luckily, London had so many beautiful parks that offer an amazing backdrop for natural and dynamic family portraits. Also, from my experience, children tend to be happier in parks, where they can chase squirrels, feed ducks, play around the fountains or on the playground.

One of the reasons I love my job is that I get to meet families from all over the world that visit our beautiful city on baby moon & honeymoon tours, family holidays & anniversaries, it’s so humbling to be a part of their happy stories! That’s why London landmarks photo shoots are so popular. Most of my clients prefer the iconic areas of Westminster, Tower Bridge, Notting Hill, Greenwich Village and St-Paul’s Cathedral. However, your location suggestions are welcomed.

Duration and scheduling

Our standard family sessions take about 2 hours, depending on the children’s energy. For babies and young children we recommend choosing one or two locations within walking distance, as these sessions can be a bit overwhelming. For older children or adults, we can organize the session around two different locations if needed – your suggestions of London Sights to be incorporated in the final photos are always welcomed. For couple shoots, we allow about max two hours.

  • Best time of the day. I try to arrange all the family portrait photo shoots early in the morning, when crowds can be avoided around London Landmarks; children can relax in Royal Parks and we can take photos without worrying about having too may people in the background. Normally all our sessions start at 7-8am in the summer (9am in the wintertime), but if needed we can meet even earlier in order to avoid all crowds and take advantage of the best light. For couples, I recommend booking a sunrise shoot (the soft light will make you look magical!) or a golden hour shoot (two hours prior to sunset) if the forecast shows sunny weather.
  • When? I am available weekdays and weekends for no extra cost. Once we agree on a session date and time, payment is due within one week of booking to hold your session date.
  • What happens in case of illness? All details can be found under pricing.
  • What happens in case of bad weather? I always make sure to check the forecast a couple of days before the shoot and in case of heavy rain on the morning of our shoot, we can reschedule for another date depending on your availability. However we all know how hard it is to predict the London weather. It has often happened for BBC weather app to show sunny weather when it’s raining; or viceversa. I find that most of the times a bit of light rain is the perfect opportunity for a coffee or snack break until the sky is cleared again and we can capture more smiles.
More on weather. Why? Because we live in England:D

If you are not used to the British weather, the forecast sometimes feels overwhelming. In five years, I have become a weather detective, constantly checking the forecast with a non-trusting eye, but at the same time becoming super relaxed about it. A bit of light rain adds drama to the photos and that’s fine with me. The cloud movement is so fast here that quite often we have four different seasons in two hours! And I think this kind of weather goes perfectly with my photography style – I don’t look for perfect sunshine or the perfect mantel piece photo, but for LOVE. My clients are people who don’t care if a bit of rain shows up in their photos or if the kids get dirty during our shoot. My only goal is to capture organic moments of connection, so if it’s cold – we put an extra layer on; if it rains – we jump in puddles; heavy rain – almost always means coffee break; sunshine – oh well, then you’re lucky! Trust me, lovingly interacting with your children is more priceless than any designer dress, these will be your most dear memories as they grow up!

What to wear

I generally recommend you wear comfortable shoes and clothes in neutral or pastel colors to get the best out of your photography session. It’s also best to avoid wearing bright colors and large prints as these tend to steal the attention away from the happy smiles. Comfort is key though. We walk a lot, we run and lift kids up in the air, trust me, you will want the comfy shoes and the outfits that doesn’t require stiff poses. I provide more tips and examples once the session is booked.

Final Products
  •  The final digital images are fully edited and provided as high resolution JPG files. Please allow 2 weeks for the editing and up to 5 weeks in the busy season.
  • All prints and albums are printed using the very best in photo imaging equipment and the finest in archival fine art papers – combining for simply stunning images. Our albums are printed using the latest pigment inks on to fine art paper and open out flat with an almost invisible crease – video presentation here. Please contact us via the contact page for a full pricing list.