Family Photography in Battersea Park, SW London – Preview

Family Photography in Battersea Park, London

Family Photography in Battersea Park, London

We’ve been so lucky to have a mild Autumn in London this year and on a nice morning there’s nothing better than adorable children smiles and lush yellow trees! Srujana received from her family in the US a gift card for a children and family photography shoot – I believe one of best way to show appreciation for the loved ones. Striving to capture the Autumn foliage in the family portraits, we decided that Battersea Park is a wonderful location. 

I love the stillness of the picture above with the adorable Shreya. It proves once more that there’s not much in this world more beautiful than a child lost in her own world. During the portrait shoot she was not at all interested in posing for the camera and was far more interested in watching swans, running, jumping and playing with every dog that came our way in the park. Meanwhile, all that her younger sister wanted to do is play with her father, therefore allowing me to capture some fantastic smiles! 

I love shooting family portraits in London parks – children are great at exploring and their emotions are priceless. I hope you enjoy these sneak peek pictures! Make sure to check our blog in the next couple of weeks for more fantastic children and family portraits from our photography session in Battersea Park, South-West London.

Family Photography in Battersea Park, London 

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