Family Photo Shoot with London Sights – Teija

Family Photo Shoot with London Sights

Family Photo Shoot with London Sights

I am so excited to share this shoot with Teija, the cutest and most friendly little girl that visited London this spring! From the first minutes of our holiday photo shoot, I was greeted by her big warm smile and I instantly knew that we will have plenty of fun together. This is Teija’s first international adventure with her parents and the iconic London landmarks seemed the perfect backdrop for their family photos.

As you probably all know, London weather is rather unpredictable and as it often happens, we have three different seasons during our two hour shoot. We started the family shoot at Westminster Bridge, under light rain, but when there’s so much love, no one minds the bad weather. If anything, a bit of rain means more cuddles! Westminster is a fantastic location, here we have the historical Houses of Parliaments, the modern London Eye and the cute telephone boxes. Teija was excited to discover these locations and play with her parents, so we decided that she will also love the cute little park near Tower Bridge. And we were right! For half an hour all she did was touch and play with the texture of the grass. The small things toddlers like to discover amazes me every time. A toddler will have it’s own way of going about things and I’m more than cool with that!

I had such fun capturing these holiday portraits that will work beautifully as a keepsake album to be treasured for years to come. Always a delight to meet beautiful families from around the world! Get in touch if you’d like to know more about my Family Photo Shoot with London Sights Package.


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