Sweet Anniversary Session in the Streets of London

Sweet Anniversary Session in the Streets of London

Sweet Anniversary Session in the Streets of London

These two beautiful people have a love story worth of romantic novels. I won’t say more, I will just leave these romantic couple portraits speak for themselves. S and H are such an unique couple and I am  grateful to them for showing me their true love. But mainly, I think I am grateful that my couples do not question when I make them wake up super early and meet me at sunrise. Not only that, but they come with warm smiles and loving hugs.

We started our sweet anniversary session in Trafalgar Square and continued in the streets of Central London. Big Ben might be under scaffolding, but I think it’s still an amazing backdrop for love stories. If anything, the current works make me more creative, trying to find new angles and original compositions. My favorite Big Ben view is from Trafalgar Square. I wish I could shoot here more often, we get a beautiful view over the square, the London buses, the amazing 19th century architecture. All the small details that make a photo so ‘Londonese’.

Maybe other photographers can relate, but I turn down sessions requests every week because I can feel I am not the right photographer for those clients. I know that in this world there are so many good photographers and each of them have their own style and that’s precisely how you should choose your photographer. Look at their style, not their price list. Every photo session is an important investment and in the end, you will want to receive photos that you will love. For me, what I love to capture is your honest interactions, your warm hugs, your genuine laughter, your silliness, your hand that holds on tight to your loved ones. This is what moves me and to be honest, it’s the only way I can create (your!) art. I truly believe that and I cannot be more grateful for my job and my couples when I receive emails like the one from delivering S & H’s final gallery:

Dear Otalia,

I am speechless after seeing these priceless images. We have had photo shoots in many cities & countries but what you have done is purely magical. 

We absolutely love them!!! It is very hard for us to choose a favourite as we love them all. We will have a lot of them on our wall!
Thank you for giving us images which are so beautiful & timeless.
Love & regards,

S & H

Enjoy this couple and this gorgeous location!

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