Anniversary couple shoot in London

Anniversary couple shoot in London

Anniversary couple shoot in London

”We are truly best friends. We both agree that there is no one else in the world that we would rather spend everyday with and go along on adventures with. We enjoy each others’ company anywhere we are and we are more in love today than we were 10 years ago when we married!  (and we didn’t think we could love each other more at that point!) ” – when I received this email from Brittany, I instantly knew we will have the best time together at our couple photo – video shoot. For two hours, we fed on their love and we feel like their are my friends now. Truly the sweetest anniversary session.

Brittany and Seth came all they way from Alabama to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. Pavel, my videographer partner, and I are lucky to have been a part of their celebration. We met them on a chilly spring evening as they showed their love for each other in front of our cameras. You can see how beautiful and in love they are in the video below shot and edited by Pavel. We did a sunset session at Tower Bridge and it was simply gorgeous!  The glow of the sunset and some quiet together time made for a fantastic session!

How to prepare for a couple shoot is probably one of the most frequent questions my couples ask me. Well, first of all, bring all the smiles and all your jokes (bad jokes also bring out the laughter, so do not forget those at home!). Forget about props or too many outfit changes, I want to capture what you feel for each other, a visual story of your beautiful relationship.
What you’ll wear is less important than the loving gaze you give your partner. That being said, I love pastel colors, neutral tones and even warmer ones (but not fluorescent!). There’s a special chemistry between these tones and the urban backdrop, it just goes well no matter where we shoot in London.
Be goofy, be spontaneous, be caring, everything you do will translate in gorgeous couple portraits if you are present and enjoy quality time with your better half. If you want more posing tips, happy to share with you a Pinterest inspiration board. The most important tip – make this a fun experience! Make a day out of it, plan for a brunch or a diner after the shoot, go to see a movie or enjoy a day out in the park. The photos will be more dear to you because not only we created some lifelong memories together, but you also had a great day with your loved one.

It’s the simplest things that make life beautiful. Hope you enjoy this London romantic anniversary shoot. If you did, follow me on Instagram and let me know your thoughts:)

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